Meet Geoff & Kassia (and Toaster!)

Hi! We’re Kassia and Geoff! We make popcorn and write a blog about it. We have other interests besides popcorn too, though…


Geoff is a psychology researcher, and studies really interesting stuff about the brain. His favourite things include:

  • high-level stats
  • video games
  • board games
  • bowties and dressing like a gentleman
  • rock climbing


Kassia is a marketer who specializes in digital communications and social media. Her favourite things include:

  • Theatre and acting. Kassia has a degree in  Drama, and loves to act.
  • Animals. Kassia keeps a fairly strict vegan diet, and is very concerned with animal rights.
  • Social justice. Kassia is super lefty and is concerned with queer-rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the advancement of cross-sectional feminism.
  • Baking. Kassia makes a mean cupcake.
  • Fitness. Kassia loves hitting up the gym. It makes her feel strong, and also helps burn off the cupcakes.


Toaster owns Kassia & Geoff. He is a cat. He specializes in farting, chasing lasers and meowing all night.


His favourite things are:

  • Chasing strings and feather toys
  • Hanging out on the balcony
  • Meowing at pigeons
  • Whiska’s Temptations cat treats